Sharing thanks for trains, planes and automobiles! and "Let's Go Pitt"

Go Pitt Band!
It's been a very busy weekend. My daughter Becky is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. We love to go see a home game at Heinz stadium every fall. This year I have become an empty nester. My younger daughter is freshman at Columbia College in Chicago. So I enjoyed spending 2 days with my daughter in Pittsburgh and 2 days with my daughter in Chicago. Here is what I was thankful for.
  1. I am thankful for the safe travel provided to me by planes, trains and automobiles! My husband loves traveling by train! We started our journey by car to drive to my parents who hosted my dog Oreo for a few days. We took the train to NYC and then Amtrak to Pittsburgh. We even got to go through the famous "Horseshoe Curve". If your a true train enthusiast you know about this engineering marvel that allows trains to go around mountains. We got to Pittsburgh, and walked and caught the 61 Bus to our hotel. Our hotel was near the University of Pittsburgh so we walked to get around. After enjoying the football game at Heinz field on Saturday, I took the midnight Amtrak train from Pittsburgh to Chicago. It was fun to walk through the car and see the crazy sleeping positions people tried to use to try to get some sleep. I arrived in Chicago Sunday morning and enjoyed taking cabs in the great city of Chicago. Then I took the "L" to O'Hare and boarded a Jet Blue flight home to New York. I love flying Jet Blue! The seats are comfortable, and I love the free direct tv. I am thankful for all the safe trips I took in the span of 4 days. I also enjoyed sleeping in after getting home from all the hoopla!
  2. I am thankful for seeing my daughter's Becky and Liz happy in their college spaces. I am happy my daughters are independent and I do enjoy visiting them once a semester to get a chance to see what their college life is like. 
  3. I was thankful to Mary and Ron who visited to see a Pitt game against the University of New Mexico. We had a beautiful day for a football game. 65 degrees, and sunny! We love seeing our daughter Becky play the piccalo! It was a thrill to see a closeup of her featured on the diamond vision screen in the stadium. It was even more of a miracle that my husband was able to get a picture of it. It is so energizing to be at a college game and see the enthusiasm of the students rooting for the team. The band is the lead cheerleader at the games. We enjoyed the half-time show of Stevie Wonder music performed by the Pitt band. I love watching the push-up points in the stands where students are flying up in the stands for every point scored by Pitt! Pitt beat New Mexico on Saturday!
  4. I was thankful to see my daughter Liz. She has become so much more independent in the last three weeks. We enjoyed doing something simple. We went to see the movie "Mortal Instruments" which was a fun teen fiction movie filled with good plot twists and good special effects. We were happy to find that AMC had a new captioning device, although Liz like's the subtitling glasses at the Regal theaters better. I was thankful to get an appointment with a podiatrist on Monday am since my daughter was limping and experiencing a flare-up of a neuroma. The doctor was very thorough and explained what is causing the pain in Liz's foot and provided excellent care to get her on the road to recovery.
I invite you to share a mode of transportation your thankful for. I love hearing your gratitude stories! You can share them in the comments or tweet them to me @sharingthanks #travelthanks!


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