Sharing thanks for gratitude for the stranger who found and returned my daughter's wallet!

Baskets of apple's at Jo Jo Apple's in Point Lookout
I am here to report that their is kindness in the big city of Chicago! I have so many reasons to be thankful today. It is easy to write this blog post because my gratitude is over flowing today.
  1. Thank you to Gene!!! Gene found my daughter's wallet in a cab. He contacted my daughter's podiatrist in Chicago since it had a local phone number to report finding her wallet. The podiatrist called me to give me his contact info. Gene took the time to bring the wallet to my daughter at her apartment at Columbia College. He wanted to make sure Liz got the wallet because there was over $100 in the wallet along with her bank card. This random act of kindness will never be forgotten.
  2. I am grateful for all of the rebuilding that has been done at Long Beach. I went for a stroll on the new boardwalk yesterday. It was wonderful to see the people out enjoying the sunshine, a sparkling calm ocean, and this new beautiful wide boardwalk. It was good to see Long Beach returning to be one of the east coast's great surf capitals.
  3. I was thankful for trying something new. I had a delicious blackened fish reuben at Jo Jo Apple's in Point Lookout. Jo Jo's is a wonderful neighborhood place in Point Lookout. The food is home cooked and amazing. This sandwich was downright delicious.
  4. I am thankful for the new season. I have started to see some trees turning vibrant colors. I love the colors and cool breezes of fall. Enjoying fresh apples, picking pumpkins and taking long walks in nature.
I invite you to share something about fall that your thankful for. I love hearing about your gratitudes!


  1. That is wonderful! I'm thankful for the cool fall weather!


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