Sharing thanks for apple picking season!

Love apples picked fresh from the trees!
Happy September everyone! I love stopping at this farm on 9H in the Hudson valley when I am coming home from my parents Adirondack country house. It is apple season! Do you have a favorite? Mine is Granny Smiths! I love the green apple taste with that extra zing of tartness. I love making apple pie this time of year. I have been busy getting my daughter's off to college. I thought this would be a good time to reflect on the summer of 2013 and share what I was most thankful for this summer.
  1. I was thankful to see my daughters Becky and Liz get closer this summer! Becky was Liz's biggest fan at her improv show at the UCBEast comedy club. Liz had a great time taking the improv class at the United Citizens Brigade where she learned the art of long form improv. Every show is a different show. If you are looking for a great place to see improv, they have many shows at a reasonable price at UCBChelsea and UCBEast!
  2. I was thankful for all of my beautiful morning walks at Jones Beach State park. I tried to develop a new morning routine which included a walk on the seashore. One of the great things about living on Long Island is being just 15 minutes from the Ocean. Sometimes my good friend Susan came along for the walk. I loved walking down by the water and dipping my feet in the cool ocean, hearing the soothing sounds of the surf, watching the turns fly gracefully over the waves.
  3. I loved taking short trips to my families vacation homes. I am so lucky to be invited to my parents country house in the Adirondack's and my brother Tom's house on Long Beach Island. I enjoyed a few long weekends reconnecting with my family at these beautiful places. I loved seeing my kids and nieces dancing on my brother's patio, and enjoyed the simplicity of walking down to the bay to watch a beautiful sunset over the water.
  4. I am thankful for the safe road trips we took this summer. I drove to Chicago from NY twice. It was fun to visit states I have never seen. I have dipped my toes into Lake Erie and Lake Michigan! I am thankful for my Honda Odyssey van which is a comfortable ride for a long trip. I enjoyed spending time with my family. Now that all of us drive, sharing driving made the trips more relaxing. I love the shell I got from Lake Erie that is silver inside.
I invite you to share your gratitude list for the summer of 2013! I love hearing your stories.


  1. Loved reading your gratitude today Linda. Thank you for sharing. For me, I like Pink Lady apples the best! Eating these apples helped me with heartburn during my two wouldn't think that they would as we normally think of apples as acidic...but apparently they turn alkaline in the stomach...funny how that works! Something I learnt from my Dad and which I am grateful for...which reminds me, I should thank him for that!


    Dr Linda Hamilton

  2. I am so thankful for the uninterrupted and unscheduled time I was able to spend with my family this summer doing nothing except what we wanted to do! It was glorious! :)

  3. What a wonderful summer gratitude. I also love the freedom of summer and the unexpected fun it affords.


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