Sharing thanks for a Happy New Year, 2014!

Happy 2014! I look forward to sharing the new adventures I will be thankful for in the coming year. Let the good times roll. There is something liberating about putting on silly hats and tumbling into a photo booth! I love this crazy, silly photo of my family. This photo reminds me of many happy moments I was thankful for in 2013. In celebration of the New Year I am going to write some blog posts on how to add a dash of gratitude into your life. Being grateful is a choice and a mindset that can be developed by anyone, with practice.
Here are the grateful moments in 2013 that this photo reminds me of.

  1. I was thankful to celebrate the wedding of my nephew Nick to the incredible Jess! The wedding in Philadelphia was a joyous event. They had a photo booth at the wedding with some silly accessories that led to many fun family photos. Our family gathered and danced the night away and toasted this beautiful couple.
  2. I was thankful my daughter Becky had a wonderful summer learning experience in London this summer. If you notice, she has a Bobby hat in the photo. She took a video production class at the University of Richmond near Kensington Garden. She loved exploring London and met some wonderful new friends.
  3. I was thankful to be able to play Neil Sedaka's "Manhatten Intermezzo" this year with the South Shore Symphony. It was wonderful to meet Me. Sedaka who came to our performance at the Madison Theater and shake his hand. Growing up the song, "Breaking Up is Hard To Do" was a favorite.
  4. I was thankful to have some good old fashioned family fun this year. I enjoyed our simple Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh at Becky's apartment. I loved seeing "Elf" at the Benedum Center. It was a thrill to see Becky perform at Heinz field in the marching band and see her beautiful face on the diamond vision screen.
I invite you to share a family memory you were grateful for in 2013. I hope you will enjoy my upcoming blogs posts to start a gratitude habit in 2014


  1. I've started a Gratitude Project 2014, in which I'll post a photo every day representing something that I'm grateful for. I'd love for you to follow along.

  2. I enjoyed visiting your Gratitude Photo Project! Loved the ladies playing with blue baloons!

  3. I do find that keeping a gratitude journal helps my mind stay positive. #SITSBlogging


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