Start a gratitude habit for a happier healthier 2014!

The Emmons Lab from the University of California has done a lot of gratitude research in the last decade and has found that the simple act of saying ThankYou  has many health benefits. Want to keep those New Years Resolutions? Then learn to say thank you! In one study people who kept gratitude lists were more likely to make progress toward achieving important personal goals over a two-month period compared to participants who did not keep gratitude lists. To learn more about this ground breaking gratitude research listen to Robert Emmons himself!

I'm devoting the Month of January to help you start a gratitude habit! Each post this month will focus on techniques that will lead you down the road to thankfulness! I invite you to try these exercises!

The first exercise is to start your day by waking up to gratitude!

When you open your eyes to wake up, continue laying down in bed and take a deep breath.

Breath in a "Thank You"
Breath out a "Thank You"
Breath in a "Thank You"
Breath out a "Thank You"


Take several breathes and then let the simple joys your grateful for flood into your thoughts.

This is an energizing way to start your day with a positive outlook!

Try it, and please share your experience on sharing thanks in the comments or by tweeting @sharingthanks #startgratitudehabit


  1. Great idea! It's easy to focus on the negative and forget all that we have to be thankful for. I'd much rather focus on the positive!

  2. I love this idea! I try to think about things I'm grateful for but sounds like writing them down is even better.

  3. What an amazing idea for 2014! I take things for granted all the time without even noticing but this is an easy way to focus on what I really appreciate and be grateful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful practice, and it's great to see all the positivity on your site! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. I'm greatful for fellow bloggers like you who are willing to offer kind words! I am learning how to create a true authentic "additude of gratitude" !

    I have "wasted" a lot of time, effort, energy with negative thoughts, feelings, critical thinking and I believe I have attracted a lot of the "clutter" that is on its way out of my life!

    I have to fill up my life with postive, grateful, successful people, places, situations and memories...


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