Sharing thanks for relaxing with art at MOMA with friends

Photo by Ellen Birch. Taken at the Museum of Modern Art Water Lilies room.

Art evokes emotions with color and light! To establish a grateful attitude focus on the beauty that is available to you everyday. Notice the light, and color of a moment. Sit and breathe in the beauty of that moment. Carry the picture of the moment in your mind and use it to bring you to a relaxing state of mind. I had many wonderful moments this long weekend. 
  1. I was thankful to be able to spend Sunday with my good friends at MOMA! We were energized by art and learning about the artists. One of our favorite places to go is the Water Lilies room at MOMA. The colors are mesmerizing and reflective. We sat in the room and soaked in the beauty and light of Monet's genius. It is one of the most relaxing places in New York City.
  2. I was thankful to have a good belly laugh with my friends. We went to a modernist art display and were chuckling over a piece of art work that resembled a stainless steel  garbage can. We struck up a conversation with 2 gentlemen who told us a funny story of how they were looking at something in a Swedish museum and were told that it was the radiator heating the room. This struck me as completely hilarious! My loud belly laugh got a stern, "SHHHHHHH!" from the museum guard in the room and we were asked to stop laughing. Of course, this made us laugh louder so we exited the room to avoid being kicked out of MOMA! 
  3. I was thankful to get lost in Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night painting! It is one of my favorite paintings that is in MOMA's permanent collection. I love the dazzling colors of the sky evoking a dream world.
  4. I was thankful to my husband for giving me a Membership as an early birthday present. I really enjoyed spending the day with friends, immersing my self in friendship and art. Loved having a light lunch in the cafe, toasting friendship with Persecco. Thanks to Ellen and Liz who are dear friends. Every time we get together it feels like a celebration of sisterhood. I am fortunate to have such kindred souls to share and celebrate my life and love of art!
I invite you to share a gratitude moment you had this long weekend in the comments. I love hearing about what your thankful for!


  1. I love MOMA. Those are some great gratitude moments. I'm thankful for the family dinner we had last night. We went out to a local restaurant. It was special because my husband is a CPA and it's his busy season. So we don't get to have dinner with the whole family too much these days.

  2. Number 2 makes me laugh so much! Yes, modern art is so hard to define!


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