Sharing gratitude for the rhythms of life and seeing STOMP in NYC

Liz Davidson with 2 of the cast members from STOMP!

My daughter Liz is deaf and hears with a cochlear implant. I lot of music sounds like percussion to her. She loves drumming and we got to see STOMP on Sunday. STOMP is a percussion and dance marvel. Seeing this show made me realize the everyday beats that are all around me. Here is what I was thankful for.

  1. Thankful to take my daughter into the city and see the heart stopping STOMP! Got some discount tickets from Theater Mania
  2. Thankful for the creative set, with built in crazy drum sets! Love all the different objects used during the show. I will never look at kitchen sinks in the same way! This show made me realize all of the rhythums that around me and how to tune in to the energy of a creative beat.
  3. Thankful to learn that you can tell a story with just the beat. The performers really interact with the audience. We are all capable of making music just by clapping, slapping, you get the idea!
  4. Thanks to the actors who posed for a picture with my daughter at the end of the show. If you go to a broadway or off-broadway show, it is so much fun to wait outside the stage door and meet the performers.  I love seeing shows with my friends and family. There is something magical about a live performance that stays with you long after the experience.
I invite you to share a live performance you were thankful to see. I love hearing about your gratitudes!


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