Sharing thanks for an Elevator Joy Ride! after a Family Fun Fourth!

Hope when you go back to work tomorrow, you have a joyful elevator ride like this video made by Soul Pancake!

Sharing thanks for a wonderful July 4th Family Weekend.

  1. Thanks to Brian for hosting a Davidson Family Gathering in Boston! 
  2. Thanks to Shut the door Paul, the entertaining tourguide on our Cityview bus. I enjoyed his fun Freedom trial facts while we got to see the beautiful city of Boston.
  3. Thanks for family game night. Our family enjoyed playing, "Would you rather?" We are still debating about whether we would rather be on a Ferris wheel during a lightning storm or an earthquake. The crowd is still roaring from my interpretive dance performance of Yankee Doodle while humming.
  4. My daughter Becky is very thankful that it rained in Boston on July 4th. She was so happy to have a quiet night!
What were you thankful for this holiday weekend? Love hearing all your gratitude stories!


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