Sharing Thanks for "Diner by the Sea's" Amazing Milkshakes!

The best Tiramisu Milkshake with a dash of color and even a magic wand!

It was nice to have a magical Monday! We had a wonderful night out with some good family friends. Here was what I was thankful for yesterday.

  1. Thankful to have a great night out with our friends the Gera's! They suggested going to "Diner by the Sea" in Long Beach, NY. We were lucky to get a table as this diner is a popular hang out. I splurged and go this Tiramisu Milkshake that came with sparkling sprinkles and even a magic wand.  You know I just had to get the french fries too.
  2. Thankful to have an upside down night. Since we decided to start with dessert first, we walked done to the beautiful Long Beach Boardwalk. I love listening to the pounding surf.
  3. Thankful to see my girls enjoy running on the beach, climbing a life guard chair and taking tons of fun pictures together. They also dipped their toes in the ocean.
  4. Thankful to hear some great sounds of summer from a live band that was playing on the beach. I love living on Long Island. Long Beach has a great boardwalk. You can stop at the beautiful Allegria hotel for a drink and an amazing view of the ocean. Best of all is making memories with family friends that will last a lifetime.
I invite you to share something that made your Monday magical!


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