Grateful for celebrating one year of Sharing Thanks

Bryant Park Lights in NYC
I decided to celebrate my first year anniversary of sharing thanks by doing a redesign. I have made it easier for people to share what they are thankful for. Just leave a comment on any post you like and it will appear in the new Recent Comments section. Since I am celebrating my blog turning one it is a wonderful time to reflect on the impact that focusing on gratitude has had on my life. I am amazed that I have had over 4,000 page views and have readers from many different countries stop by and visit my little blog. A special thanks go out to Janine and SKautz who have shared what they are thankful for too throughout the year. My hope is that other people will have the courage to share a small joy that they are thankful for. My post on enjoying a Latte got the most views this year. Loving coffee is universal. Writing this blog has helped my creative soul blossom. I love thinking about the small joys I have experienced during the day. My life seems more joyful by appreciating the kindnesses that have been bestowed on me. I enjoy taking pictures and the simple beauty that is all around us. I enjoyed being in NYC last night, here is what I was thankful for yesterday:
  1. Thankful for an easy ride into New York taking my daughter and her friends to Madison Square Garden to see One Direction. Enjoyed hearing the pre-concert One Direction sing along.
  2. Sharing thanks for the disability services at Madison Square Garden. They help provide access to people with disabilities. My daughter is deaf and uses a cochlear implant to hear. MSG has a great loop system that links her cochlear implant to the performers microphones. Last night there was also a sign language interpreter at the concert. I am truly thankful for my daughter's cochlear implant that allows her to hear and enjoy music. The sound of my daughter singing is still a miracle for me.
  3. Sharing thanks for my good friend Liz. We enjoyed meandering around New York City while our teens were at the 1D concert. We visited Bryant Park and went to the new free Lion King's Exhibit on 6th Avenue celebrating the amazing costumes and celebrating Lion King's 15th year on Broadway. It made me want to go see the show. 
  4. Sharing thanks for the strangers we met singing, the Partridge Family song, "I think I love you." I was amazed to see some teens singing this song. It was nostalgic, since David Cassidy was one of my teen heart throbs. My daughter loves Justin Bieber and One Direction. I have to admit I loved the Beatles, David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman!
In honor of Sharing Thanks turning One please share something you are thankful for. Hope you like the redesign!


  1. sweet Linda, cried when I read #2. Makes ME thankful for cochlear implants, and even more so for my sense of hearing. Your daughter singing is a miracle, and your shared gratitudes are miracles too, because they bring so much joy to so many.

    I'm thankful for you.


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