Sharing thanks for gifts from the heart!

A thoughtful gift from my daughter Becky
We have had many wonderful family holiday celebrations over the past week. So my many moments to be joyful about. I enjoyed watching people open the gifts I have bought them. I try to buy small thoughtful gifts and love watching someone get excited over opening a package of their favorite pack of gum. Here are some thoughtful gifts that I received and am thankful for this holiday season.

  1. Love this book by MJ. Ryan "Attitudes of Gratitude" that my daughter Becky gave me. Wonderful quotes and suggestions for living in Gratitude. 
  2. My mom included a picture in each of our present boxes this year. Seeing my at six in my hula dance costume was priceless. Thanks Mom for sharing such wonderful memories with your generous gifts.
  3. I love getting useful gifts. So I was happy to get a new can opener, as my old one has stopped working. Also loved gift cards to Dunkin Donuts. I must admit their iced coffee even in the winter is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  4. Thanks to my daughter Liz who gave me a special book so we can create a story together again. Liz loves to write and found a book we used to write stories to each other with and suggested that we start writing together again. She also gave me "State of Wonder" by Anne Patchett. I loved Bel Canto and am looking forward to reading this book.
Thanks to my husband who gave us a family experience gift. We will be going to tkts and seeing a broadway show together. Our family enjoys broadway, and loved seeing Anything Goes earlier this year with Sutton Foster. Spending quality family time together is always priceless.  I invite you to share a thoughtful gift you are thankful for this holiday in the comments. Or you can tweet @sharingthanks.

Wishing everyone a grateful, happy, and healthy 2013


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