Sharing thanks for Rocking out 2012!

My daughter's after seeing Rock of Ages! Don't stop believing!

Wishing everyone a happy and gratitude filled 2013. Yesterday my family was blessed to get to go into New York City and see "Rock of Ages." My husband gave us this experience gift Christmas morning. Our family loves musical theater and going to broadway this time of year is a gift. It was nice to see NYC dressed up for the holiday season. I loved the gigantic Christmas lights I saw on Sixth Ave! Where else can you see a building wrapped up in a beautiful red bow! Here is what I am thankful for.
  1. Thanks to the TKTS man who sold us awesome orchestra seats for Rock of Ages. The Theater Development fund runs the TKTS ticket booth in Times Square which helps make Broadway affordable for families.
  2. Thanks to the performers in "Rock of Ages." The energy on stage was electric. Enjoyed reliving the rock'n sound of the 80s and one of my all time personal favorite soft songs, "More than Words."
  3. Thanks to the new friends we met waiting on the TKTS line. It was cold and the crowd was friendly. My daughter and I met a fellow UMass student who recommended an Improv class for my daughter. I love seredipity!
  4. Thanks for a wonderful memory filled day with my family. As my kids are young adults the time I get to spend with them is so valuable. We enjoyed seeing "Rock of Ages", having lunch at the Edison coffee shop, and seeing ourselves in the Times Square lighted staircase cam. To see your face light up in Times Square may be the best free fun you can have. We already started seeing New Years 2013 party hats and watched them set up for tonight's festivities.
I am so thankful for my blog as it has given me the chance to look back at this year and see all the wonderful moments I had and shared with friends, nature, and family. I invite you to share something you were thankful for in 2012. Wishing everyone a grateful, happy, healthy and safe 2013. And to quote one of the best Journey songs, "Don't Stop Believing!"


  1. Thanks for steering me to youtube where i heard More Than Words. I'd forgotten that song - but is it ever beautiful. What harmonies.

    I have been sick on and off with cough and cold over these holidays. A good reason to settle in under blankets with a hot water bottle on the couch and watch old movies that totally relax. Also it's been a good time for introspection.

    Am thankful for my body doing its best on the healing front, and am reminded through this fragile state to take good care of it in return.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I hope the New Year brings you good health and many new reasons to be thankful! I really appreciate your participation on my blog.


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