Sharing thanks for celebrations!

Loved these vibrant purple flowers at Union Square Market
This time of year we are fortunate to be able to celebrate many holidays with friends and family. One of the things I love about our extended family is the diversity. We are Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Quaker, and Muslim. If our family can get along I believe World Peace is possible. I think we may need a Buddhist and Hindu to marry into our family to make it even more diverse.  Last night we got to celebrate Hanukkah a little late at my brother's house. Our family has a tradition of waiting to celebrate until we can all be together. We have been known to even have a pre-thanksgiving.  This is what makes my family so special because what makes the holiday is us being together! Here are my thanks:
  1. Thanks to Ginny for making a delicious dinner. The potato pancakes were yummy! The pot roast was juicy and tender. 
  2. Thanks to everyone's generosity. We had a nice time exchanging holiday presents. I love watching people open the presents I have bought! My kids enjoyed giving out the presents they had bought and made for the family.
  3. Thanks to the fun of family game night. We enjoyed playing "Catch a phrase" sitting around the kitchen table. We laughed and really enjoyed each others company. We played the game using an IPhone which was passed around. Interactive use of technology, you have to love this!
  4.  Thanks for making an ordinary Wednesday a special day. We can celebrate everyday! It was great to catch up with my nieces and nephew and spend some true quality time. I enjoyed singing "Oh Chanukah" with everyone.
I invite you to share what you are grateful for in the comments. Sharing thanks is all about sharing what we appreciate in life!


Best of Sharing Thanks

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