Sharing thanks for snaps in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Scary family fun at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
We had a fun family weekend in Pittsburgh. My daughter Becky is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. We enjoyed going to see her Symphony Band concert this weekend. Every time we visit Pittsburgh we visit someplace new. This photo proves museums can be fun to experience. We enjoyed taking these scary snap shots! These crocs reminded us of Flotsum and Jetsum in the little Mermaid. Here is what I was thankful for!
  1. Thanks to the museum we had some family fun. The dinosaur statue outside the museum always we reminds me of dino from "The Flintstones." Enjoyed seeing dinosaur fossils, and even a tarantula! I must admit I loved the gemstones exhibit. Totally recommend taking silly snapshots at the museum!
  2. Thanks to Pitt band director Jack Anderson! Congratulations on his retirement. Thanks for fostering my daughter's love of music and the Pitt Marching Band. Thanks for also including all the out of town band members at your family thanksgiving dinner!
  3. Thankful that my daughter Becky got a music scholarship. Loved seeing the bright smile on her face for this wonderful surprise.
  4. Thankful to Becky for taking me to the world music gamelon concert. It was cool experiencing Indonesian music. Loved seeing the cultural dances. It is wonderful to enjoy the sounds new instruments that I had never seen or heard of.
I  invite you to share something you are thankful for! I love hearing your gratitude stories.


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