Sharing thanks for a meditation break by Deepak Chopra!

Enjoy this Ocean Guided Meditation video with Deepak Chopra. I watched it, and it took me to a state of beautiful calm! Namaste!

Little Buddha from Hick's Spring Flower Show
I loved taking this picture. Looking at this peaceful Buddha statue meditating next to his tree provides me with an instant moment of calm. What is amazing is that these instant moments of calm are available to us everyday if we choose to stop and savor a moment, take a deep breath and count to 4, repeatedly. Studying music gives us the ability to learn to count measures. There is something very relaxing about counting measures with people who gather to make music together. The harmony and the counting provide relaxation and the joy of coming together to create beautiful music. I believe by counting measures we are tapping into the rhythm of life. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
  1. I was thankful to the waitress at Chili's who found my cell phone for me. What a relief to call the restaurant and hear them say yes we have your cell phone. I took my daughter out for a late lunch after school. We enjoyed getting there 2 for $20 special.
  2. I was thankful to go to orchestra rehearsal on Monday night. We are rehearsing Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony with organ. It is fun to learn a new piece I have never played before!
  3. I was thankful for getting out in the sunshine walking my dog Oreo. I enjoy looking at all of tulips starting to bloom. I stopped and breathed in a beautiful moment of calm.
  4. I was thankful for my new piano student who was enjoying practicing an easy version of "Over the Rainbow!" I enjoy teaching music and fostering kids love for music.
I invite you to share what you are thankful for that brings you a moment of peace and calm! Together we can bring gratitude and harmony to a chaotic world.


Best of Sharing Thanks

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