Sharing thanks for standing out! Happy Earth Day!

Dandelion wildflower at Norman Levy Preserve
Last week I got to walk at one of my favorite parks the Norman Levy Preserve. It had closed for a while after hurricane Sandy. I was happy to see it open again and wanted to explore the park. I was thankful to be able to walk and look at the beautiful bays toward Jone's beach again. This huge dandelion caught my eye!
I love bringing my camera to the park. This dandelion looked like a beautiful flower next to the purple wildflowers around us. We all need the courage to stand out. Our differences are what make us more beautiful! Here is what I was thankful for when taking my nature walk. Happy Earth day everyone!

  1. I was happy that the fishing pier at the park withstood the hurricane. I love walking out to the middle of the bay. Sometimes I will lie back on one of the park benches and enjoy meditating and breathing in the sea air. So refreshing!
  2. I was thankful to see the Nigerian goats. They got a new barn. They are green energy working goats. They mow the grass in the park by eating it! Norman Levy also have some cool hens that eat tick's running around the park.
  3. I was thankful for some of the new decks built along the path. Norman Levy Preserve has some spectacular views. You can see the marshes and bays to Jones Beach. On a clear day you can see the Manhattan skyline. Sandy eroded the property. I must say the views are even better. 
  4. I was thankful to see a pair of Osprey's make a nest at the park. It is a lucky day when you go to the park and actually see the Osprey's. I also so a vibrant ruby throated thrush. There are many birds that call this park their home. I have seen cranes, blue herons, cardinals, and many other kinds of bird life there during my nature walks.
I hope you are enjoying earth day by getting outside today! Walk and leave your car at home. Plant a tree. Pick up a piece of trash as a random act of kindness today. I invite you to share something in nature you are thankful about today. I love reading your inspiring comments.!


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