Sharing thanks for April sunshine!

Love these pastel lilies heralding Spring
Even though it is a little brisk out I love basking in the April sunshine today. Spring is showing signs of bursting of life! I am soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the burst of energy it is giving me. I would love to hear about the signs of Spring that you are thankful for! Here are some simple joys that I am appreciating today!
  1. I am thankful for doing a little Spring cleaning. My mom will be so proud I woke up and loaded up the dishwasher, vacuumed the living room, and even changed the cat litter box all before 10:00 am. I enjoy writing and taking beautiful pictures better than cleaning. Although there is nothing better walking into your clean and lemon fresh smelling home! Alright maybe the added aroma of freshly baked scones would make being at home even better. 
  2. I am thankful to donate! Yesterday I gathered some items to give to Goodwill. It is a great feeling to simplify and give clothes, shoes and gently used household items to a worthy charity. I like Goodwill Industries, they provide jobs and sell items in there store at reasonable prices.I hope my items find new homes with owners that will appreciate them!
  3. I am thankful for seeing signs of Spring during my morning walk with my puppy Oreo! I saw a red-breasted robin prancing on a green lawn! Jonquils, daffodils, crocuses coloring my neighbors gardens and front lawns! Trees budding getting ready to burst!
  4. Thanks to my sister-in-laws Ginny and Mary who hosted wonderful family Easter gatherings. Ginny made a special Easter basket for Liz. We enjoyed a delicious brunch. It was wonderful to see my cousins and their beautiful growing families. Thank's to Mary for a yummy dinner of lamb. It was so much fun hearing about Nick and Jesse's upcoming wedding plans. I treasure my family!
I invite you to share a sign of Spring that you are thankful for! I love hearing your gratitudes.


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