Sharing thanks for fresh produce

Garden at Love Apples Farm on Route 9H

When I was driving home from the Adirondack's I love to take the back roads past the farms and pick up some wonderful fresh produce. I stopped at this Love Apples Farm  and got fresh peaches, blackberries and red potatoes. The difference between fresh produce and supermarket produce is remarkable. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
  1. I am thankful to be eating more fruits and vegetables. Enjoyed a juicy peach from Love Apples Farm. Nothing better than a good fresh peach!
  2. Thanks to the nice lady on line ahead of us at Micheals. She gave us a 40% off coupon. I love saving money. Since I have started sharing thanks I am amazed how giving people are. 
  3. I am grateful for taking my dog Oreo on a nice walk around the block. A man on a bicycle stopped and gave me some dog supplies. How kind of him.
  4. I was grateful to host a craft night for Liz and her friend Kavita. Liz was painting and Kavita loves decoupaging. I love fostering people's creative side.
I invite you to share something you are thankful for in the comments. Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh produce from local farm stands. Not only will you be supporting local farms your taste buds will thank you!


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