Sharing thanks for a lazy rainy day!

Field of Queen Anne's Lace taken during a hike at Norman Levy Preserve
I always think of my mom when I see Queen Anne's Lace! She loves to press them in a cool hand-made flower press she made. They look like lace and she used them to adorn wedding invitations which she would decorate with beautiful pressed flowers in a beautiful handcrafted glass frame. Yesterday it rained on and off for most of the day. Here is what I was thankful for on the lazy rainy day!

  1. I was grateful to be able to hit the snooze button and sleep late until 10 am. I felt decadent sleeping in and I thoroughly enjoyed  catching some extra zzzzzz's.
  2. I was thankful that I put an umbrella in my car. When I went to the movie theater there was a torrential downpour! Although it's fun walking in a summer rain I was happy to have my umbrella so I did not have to sit in wet clothes at the movie theater.
  3. Thanks for a fun afternoon movie with my daughter Liz. She wanted to see the new Step Up Revolution movie! The movie beat my expectations. I loved the dance sequence in the art museum. This sequel is better than the last Step Up movie I saw.
  4. I enjoyed making a home made mac and cheese for dinner. Liz helped me cook by stirring the white sauce which takes a lot of patience to come out smooth and creamy.
I invite you to share what you are thankful for in the comments! I love hearing your stories!


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