Sharing thanks for Malibu Creek State Park and enjoying the natural beauty of California

Me at Malibu Creek State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains
California has some beautiful state parks. We were staying in Agoura Hills, and had the chance to drive through the canyons on the way to the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu. There are a lot of California State parks in the Santa Monica Mountains. Here is what I was thankful for during my stay in Agoura Hills.

  1. I was grateful to visit Malibu Creek State Park. We were able to take a short hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was fun to see people swimming in the creeks in the swimming hole there. Malibu Creek State Park is famous as it was used as the backdrop for the MASH tv set. When you are there you get this deja vu feeling, that you have seen the beauty before.
  2. I was thankful for watching the sunset into the Pacific Ocean at Point Dumes State park in Malibu. Watching the sunset is a Californian ritual! Many people drive down to the water to watch the sunset and enjoy some quality  family time.
  3. Thanks to our hotel, who had a hot tub! I really enjoyed taking a night soak and looking up at the stars and finding the big dipper!
  4. I really enjoyed driving and looking at some of the rock formations in the area. There was one mountain that had a rock that locked like a sea turtle was trying to climb over and down the mountain.
Today I want to note two more thanks. I received a nice thank you note from my nephew David! It is always wonderful to receive a nice hand written note of appreciation. I also want to thank my friend Susan. We had fun going out for some tea at a local coffee place, called, "The cup." Even though we were the oldest people there. It was fun to be out on a Tuesday night! I really appreciate her friendship!

I invite you to share something you are thankful for. Remember, we can be thankful for small joys!


  1. Looking good, Linda!

    That deja vu feeling is really something, isn't it? I get that all the time when I'm in nature. It think it's because it's the most natural thing to be in nature! lol

    Yesterday evening, I looked out in the garage, and I saw my son, Fahim, washing my car for me. I was so happy! I came into the house, I literally twirled in a circle a couple of times out of joy, and said "thank you!" Of course, I thanked my son too :)

    1. Thanks Janine! I loved seeing the canyons and California coastline. What a great son you have! Thanks for sharing your deja vu joyful moment. Your comments really add to this blog! They always make me smile :)!


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