Sharing thanks for dogs playing soccer!

Oreo playing outside

It was a beautiful day to be out in the backyard with my friend Stella and our dogs Oreo and Trixie! We had so much fun watching Trixie and Oreo chase a soccer ball. Trixie is amazing at dribbling a ball! I miss those days when my kids would be playing outside in the small plastic pools! Here is what I was thankful for today.
  1. Thanks for the delicious limeade and invite to hang out in the backyard Stella. Oreo enjoyed playing soccer with Trixie in the backyard. I was thankful that the dogs were safe when the ball slipped below the fence and into the street.
  2. Thanks to my daughter Becky who was teaching me about twitter. I set up a twitter account today! I'm @sharingthanks if you would like to tweet me or follow me on twitter.
  3. I am grateful that my daughter Liz's ankles are getting better. Liz is using the smaller aircast instead of the bigboot. Thanks to her great physical therapist Pete who has been helping her improve both of her ankles strength!
  4. I am so grateful to have good friends. I enjoyed two heart to heart talks with two of my dear friends. I am so lucky to have kindred souls who as my daughters' would say, "Get Me"
I invite you to share something you are thankful for today in the comments. I love reading all your gratitude stories


  1. Thankful to have a friend who validates my feeling and never judges. A good friend always knows the right thing to say and make you feel "maybe I'm not crazy!"


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