Sharing thanks for Hairspray from Second Stage!

Seagulls at Norman Levy Pond
I took this picture at a recent hike at the Norman Levy Preserve. When I was growing up Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach was one of my favorite books. I loved reading about a seagull who lived to fly and soar! He did this by practicing and trying new ways to soar. I got caught up in my daughter's hectic schedule for tech week for Hairspray and I am sorry to have been neglecting my blog! We all have good days and bad days and it takes practice to appreciate the goodness on any day. Looking at this picture of the seagull taking flight on the pond will encourage me to soar and practice my gratitude! Here are my thanks for yesterday.
  1. I was thankful to see Hairspray performed by Second Stage productions at Molloy College. My daughter Becky is in the ensemble and she was beaming on stage.
  2. Thanks to the wonderful young performers who sang their hearts out yesterday! It was a joy to watch the show and see some of Becky's friends soar. Dylan made a great Corny Collins! I have watched some of these kids in various summer productions over the years and it is wonderful to see their talent blossom.
  3. Thanks to boy who played SeaWeed. He stopped and told my younger daughter that he loved her laughter. He said she had a wonderful rich laugh and he appreciated her response to his funny lines in the play!
  4. I enjoyed lunching with my friend Sue. We had great conversation and she offered me some very good advice. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life!
I invite you to share what you are thankful for. I always love reading what you are thankful for. It inspires me!


  1. Part I:
    Your post got me thinking (the whole point, right?) about how wonderful it is to SEE (Hairspray) ANY live production.

    For a lot of us, being busy professionals, being busy "anythings" -- Parents, Caretakers, Employees, Employers, blah blah blah into perpetuity we're *always* making excuses for why we are too busy to do something or anther...we're too busy to go see a Show, Play, or Concert.

    One day I told my Joey, "Let's go see such-n-such a concert that's coming to town?" It shocked me to learn that my beloved husband HAD NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT. What, what? Are you kidding me; because he's a practical joker at times?

    Nope. The man had never been to a concert! How does that happen to us? I live in the deep South where it's almost a religious holy week to "go to The Fair" each Fall. "Joey, you've never even seen a concert at The Fair?" Nope.

    I'm so blessed that I've been "in" and been "to" many shows & concerts; people performing FOR YOU and sharing their talents is something so very least it is to me(and you.)

    Here I go digressing to circle around to my point: SO, I secretly made sure Joey had The Concert Day off work. I secretly got the tickets. I "practical joked" him into thinking I was confused about where I wanted to go out to dinner that night...until we were near the Coliseum.

    Had it not been a "special date night" for us, I think we might have had an argument in the car when I turned onto Coliseum Blvd! "GREAT...NOW WE'RE GOING TO BE TRAPPED in all this concert traffic! What were you thinking, Laurel?" - Joey fussed.

    Then we were at the Gate paying for parking & he was SO surprised! It was awesome! He still had no clue WHO we were going to see -- he was glad to share the experience the with me; however, he was frightened at the thought of what might BE inside.

    What horrible taste of my personal eclectic music genre was he going to be subjected too? It could be bad...really from "Bad Religion" to "The Charleston Symphony Orchestra" --> either would've been just mind numbing for Joey.

    Joey's FIRST concert was: Josh Groban! Oh, was the most magical, amazing, perfect evening I'll never forget. [see; Josh Groban with the African Children's Choir on Ellen youTube ]

    That angelic man with the voice of an angel rose from the stage-floor RIGHT BESIDE US. We were SO close to him I literally could've touched him at times. It still makes a lump in my throat just to remember THAT night, that concert, THAT Production.

    The concert only lasted, meh, 2 hours? But the memories...forever until I leave this world. Just like your "Hairspray."

  2. Part II:

    I absolutely feel your joy & gratitude when you say, "My daughter Becky is in the ensemble and she was beaming on stage. Thanks to the wonderful young performers who sang their hearts out yesterday!"

    There is NOTHING like seeing YOUR CHILD on stage. Onstage, doing anything, but even more so when the production is good!

    I wish more kids & young people today had better opportunities in The Arts; whether they have genuine talent or not.

    Being a part of a Production from start to finish, in front of the stage, or behind -- is a group effort, team building, rewarding experience that they'll never forget.

    I want YOU to know that I am grateful for YOU today. I've been home for almost a month while the docs are getting me well from a lil' cardiac anomaly. No biggie now - a little Beta Blocker & I'm right as rain now! I go back to work in a few days on the 1st.

    This last month, to gain encouragement while I've been home, doctor ordered, "on rest" -- I've been seeking out encouraging things online to keep my spirits high. I first found your Positivity blog, then your others.

    I've GOT to let you know, I'm really diggin' this gratitude every day gig ya' got goin' on...said with Southern slang and a huge grin.

    I'm sure there must be times when you wonder if you're making an impact? Well, you've inspired me. You've "Lifted Me Up," so to speak. Just want to make sure you know that.

    Well, that felt really good to write. Your post brought me full-circle to think about my magical night with Joey and the time when "my" heart was swollen with pride (the good kind) and remembering my own child on stage. Oh, what delightful happy thoughts.

    I needed that today. Thank you. *smile*

    1. Thanks for sharing your story! I love the arts and try to attend as many shows and concerts(that I can afford!). I am glad that my blog has inspired you and gave you a lift while you are recovering. I think arts programs are wonderful for kids, teens and even adults. I believe everyone has talent if given the chance. Your comments made my day!


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