Sharing thanks for vacation in California

Ventura Beach at the magic hour just before sunset
Just got back from vacation in California! So many reasons to be thankful to report. I was lucky to have a week off to relax and enjoy the beautiful California coastline. I'll be sharing what I was thankful for on my trip all week on my blog. One of things I have noticed about having an attitude of gratitude, is that the universe provides me with more niceties to be grateful for.
  1. On my flight out to Los Angeles we met a nice youth group that was starting their journey on a community service trip. The young man sitting next to us, found a seat closer to his friends and that left us with an empty middle seat for our flight. It is wonderful to have some extra room on the flight!
  2. I am grateful for safe travels! I get pretty religious when I am flying especially during takeoff and landing. I was happy to have good traveling weather both ways on my trip. Thanks to the pilots who provided with a smooth ride with a limited amount of turbulence.
  3. Thanks to Dollar rent a car, I got to drive a Kia Soul during the trip. What a great small car. It was roomy on the inside and it only cost me $30 to fill up! I love renting different cars when I am away it really gives you a chance to test ride something different. The seats the the Kia Soul are so comfortable almost as good as my Honda Odyssey.
  4. I was thankful to be in cool and breezy Los Angeles and to  have missed the New York 100 degree heatwave. The beach in Ventura was 60 degrees. It was so much fun to watch the surfers ride the waves. I even got to see some adventurous parasail surfers.
I hope you are enjoying your summer and getting a chance to either vacation or staycation. Please join in the fun and share what you are thankful for this summer.


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