Sharing thanks for seeing the world through a child's eyes of wonder.

Pond at Norman Levy Preserve.

Today was a beautiful top ten day. High 70s, low humidity, blue sky with fluffy clouds. I started out my morning with a gently hike at the Norman Levy Preserve. I was walking behind a family with 4 adorable kids. It was joyful to see the excitement these kids got out of seeing a fuzzy caterpillar, or a school of fish swirling around us under the pier.We should all try to see things with the wonder and joyful enthusiasm of a three or four year old. Here are my thanks for today!
  1. Thankful for a beautiful hike at the Norman Levy Preserve. I enjoyed walking in the sunshine. Loved seeing a few wildflowers which stood out against the green wild grasses!
  2. Thankful to hear children's excitement over seeing a school of fly fish swirling around under the pier. I love to lie down on one of the benches and meditate for a few minutes and feel the bay breezes on my face. I awakened to kids excited voices seeing the school of fish. A wonderful glorious moment of joy!
  3. Thanks to Liz and Tom for inviting us to their block party tonight. It was nice to hang out in the street and listen to a band, watch the sun go down and see the stars come out. So nice to see everyone relaxing and enjoying hanging out with good friends and neighbors.
  4. Thankful that my nephew David had a great start at his photo journalism program at the International Center of Photography in New York. 
I invite you to share something that brought you a moment of joy in the comments. I love hearing what you are thankful for.


  1. Enjoyed reading about your day. So poetic. Felt like I was there too.


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