Sharing thanks for Fall's changing colors.

Loved this little red leaf I saw during my morning walk!
Fall is a week old already and I am starting to see signs of change on my neighborhood dog walks! I love seeing the trees change colors and celebrate nature's artistry. Change can be good. Change means growth! We live in a world where we resist change, we want things to be the same. Life changes every second of everyday. You can see these changes in nature. You can see a beautiful sunset and vibrant colors and a minute later a deep blue sky with no memory of the glorious color that came before. The rate of change in our modern world is staggering. When I upgraded my cell phone from two years ago, it amazing what new features are available in just 2 years time. We all need to be look at change as a friend, as innovation, as a way to learn something new! Enjoy the change of the seasons! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.
  1. Thankful to see this vibrant red leaf while walking my dog Oreo around the neighborhood. I love capturing this beauty with my camera.
  2. Thankful to have woken up and being a pound lighter. I am trying to trim down and lose some weight, by making small changes. More water, less diet soda. More movement! Cooking healthy recipes for my family.
  3. Thanks for a movie matinee with my daughter Liz. She is recovering from a sprained ankle and has been doing a good job of resting it. It was nice to get out of the house with her and enjoy a funny movie. She still enjoys seeing animated comedies so we saw Hotel Transylvania. We both enjoyed laughing together at the silliness of the movie.
  4. Thanks to Mama T's for their great take out. We enjoyed having pasta and watching the family movie Alladin with Robin Williams. I love going for the magic carpet ride every time. "A Whole New World" is one of my all time favorite Disney duets!
I invite you to share a fall change you are thankful for! I love reading your comments.


  1. I'm thankful for your beautiful post, Linda, and also for spending the afternoon with my sister who is under the weather. It was nice having a slow afternoon, lying around on couches, drinking hot tea, and catching up on some mending. Don't like seeing her sick, but we don't have much laying around time like that otherwise.


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