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These white flowers captured me!

I was away in Pittsburgh, visiting my daughter Becky at the University of Pittsburgh. Every fall we love to go down for a long weekend to see a football game and watch Becky perform in the marching band. College football is fun to watch! When Pitt scores a touchdown the crowd does push-ups using people in the crowd. Team spirit, the panther mascot, it is a fun experience. We enjoyed spending some time with Becky! Unfortunately my younger daughter sprained her ankle and needed to go to first aide at Heinz stadium. The medical staff there was helpful in getting her to the emergency room. Kindness can help make a tough situation more bearable. Here are my thanks for everyone who has helped us during the past few days.
  1. Thanks to the kind medical staff at Heinz stadium, the EMTs, and the emergency room staff at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Their good humor and efficient treatment was greatly appreciated. One nurse could have been a stand up comedian, he really gave us a chuckle.
  2. Thanks to Dr. Feder who saw Liz yesterday and came up with a treatment plan to help Liz recover from this bad sprain.
  3. Thanks to Liz's art teacher who gave me some art projects for Liz to do at home while she is laid up for a few days.
  4. Thanks for good friends and family. I got a lovely thank you note from my sister-in-law Ginny today. Her sentiments and kind words made my day! Thanks to my Mom for stopping by to visit Liz today.
I hope you will share what you are thankful for! I love hearing your gratitude stories! I saw an old man using a scooter to do a little grocery shopping, a small dog was sitting on the scooter keeping him company. It was the most adorable sight! It gave me a small burst of joy and made me appreciate the unconditional love pets provide to us.


  1. This morning, Linda, I was out on the porch watering the flowers in the pots I have out front. I looked up onto the eave of the roof which drapes over the porch, and there on the corner sat - or should I say "stood," - do birds sit? - yes, I suppose they do, in their nests, for instance. And speaking of "capturing," - well, you were... - I too was completely captured. Have you ever pondered what one is captured "from?"

    I feel it's the mind stream of thoughts we're captured from - and into awareness beyond the mind. This kind of capturing is beautiful!

    Funny, I never thought of "capturing" in that way before, as being beautiful. Have you?


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