Sharing thanks for beautiful clouds on a cold day!

Impressionistic Clouds. Makes me want to paint!
I love finding something beautiful in an unexpected place. Let's play a game. Here is a question of the day! Guess where I took today's photo! Just list your guesses in the comments along with something you saw that was beautiful! I listen to the Pulse on XM radio in the mornings and they have a question of the day game with no prizes. I am always amazed how people enjoy just playing and calling in to see if they have the right answer. It is so important to play in life! I appreciate being around people who love to play! Here are my thanks for today!
  1. I am so thankful to get my car back from the dealer today. Last week I thought my car's engine was dying. I love my Honda Odyssey! We have had so many great road trips with this car that I was heart broken. Millennium Honda was able to diagnose the noise and it turned out to be a timing problem. I loved driving my car home today. It was so quiet and felt like a brand new car!
  2. I am grateful for being able to save some money today. Sometimes saving money can be as simple as paying attention and asking the right questions. I was able to lower my car insurance because my High School Senior made the scholastic roll. Geico gives a discount for students who have a B average! When I was paying for the auto repair at the dealer I noticed a sign that they offered a 10% discount if you made the service appointment online for the first time. I told the cashier I did and she took $180 off my repair bill. This made me smile!
  3. I am thankful for good friends. Enjoyed having dinner out with some good friends tonight. It was wonderful to hang out together. We always laugh a lot over silly stuff. The restaurant was empty and quiet. Everyone was staying in because of the cold weather. I was happy to get outside for a little while. I appreciated my warm hat and gloves, especially while I was walking the dog.
  4. I am happy my daughter replaced her lost cell phone today. She is away at college and it was great to talk to her tonight.
I hope you will play the guess where I took the picture game and share something you saw today that was beautiful. I did see a pretty colorful sunrise this morning as I was driving my daughter to school to take her midterm today.


  1. I don't know your area, so I can't guess - but I like sky photos - and this is a pretty shot. Looks like a flock of woolly sheep, especially one particularly fat one in the middle!

  2. I love sky photos too! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to skyscapes. You can find me on Pinterest at Linda Davidson. Congratulations you were the 100 comment on my blog! Hope the winter is treating you kindly!

  3. I took this picture at the Tanger Outlets in Deer Park. I love shopping at this outdoor mall and the regal movie theater has a high tech system that let's my daughter see any movie with subtitles! So cool.


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