Sharing thanks for giving to a good cause!

Donated $1 to JDRF today at Jake's Wayback Burgers

I love when I can perform an act of kindness, by donating to a worthy cause. We have a few good family friends who have Juvenile Diabetes. It's a tough disease and I admire the two young women I  know who live with it courageously and gracefully. It always feels good to perform acts of kindness! I was thankful today for Jake's Wayback Burger's in East Meadow who participated in this JDRF fundraiser and made it easy for my to donate! If you want to be truly be inspired about Random Acts of Kindness you should read about Ryan at 366 Random Acts of Kindness
  Ryan performed 366 Random acts of kindness for one year. His acts had a ripple effect and inspired countless other people to be kind! Here is what I was thankful for yesterday!
  1.  Thanks to Jack's Wayback Burger's for raising money for JDRF. They make a great fresh hamburger and I enjoyed being able to perform an act of kindness by donating to JDRF.
  2. Thanks to my daughter Liz who made me some hot tea yesterday. I started to get the sniffles and it is amazing the comfort a good hot cup of tea can bring you.
  3. Thanks to my husband who works incredibly hard to provide for our family. I appreciate his hard work and the good job he has!
  4. Thanks to my good friend Ellen, who sent me some old pictures of some treasured shared memories on my smart phone. This really brightened my day. What a simple wonderful thing to do to make someone's day!
I invite you to share an act of kindness that you are thankful to have given or recieved in the comments! Your comments really add to the blog and I encourage everyone who visits the blog to share what they are thankful for!


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