Sharing thanks for a gratitude moments jar!

Gratitude Moments Jar made by my friend Liz!

I had a wonderful busy weekend. Lots of moments to be grateful for! We got together with our good friends Liz and Tom over the weekend. We went to see Hyde Park on Hudson at the Cinema Arts Center on Saturday and went back to their house for some coffee. That is when I spotted my friends Gratitude Moments Jar! Every night, everyone in the family writes down one moment they are grateful for that day. This helps kids and adults get in the habit of saying thank you and focusing on a good moment! On New Year's Eve the family will gather and read all the moments. What a great way to remember a year!  I love this idea and I'm going to start my own gratitude jar. Here is what I was thankful for this weekend:
  1. Thanks to for listing rush ticket information. We got rush tickets to Spiderman: Turn off the Dark on broadway for just $39 a ticket. Had so much fun seeing the show and watching the actor's fly fearlessly!
  2. Thanks to Nizza for it's Gluten Free Menu. My daughter's friend has celiac and so enjoyed getting gluten free bread and a delicious gluten free pasta and dessert. We all enjoyed the great Italian food and relaxed atmosphere before the show.
  3. Thanks to gathering with friends for a fun movie night! We enjoyed seeing Hyde Park on Hudson. Bill Murray gave an inspiring performance. Made us think how well do you know anyone? I guess everyone has their secrets.
  4. I was thankful for seeing my daughter Becky on TV at the Pitt vs. Ole Miss BBVB Bowl game. Love to see her perform and happy she had a nice time in Alabama!
I invite you to share a moment of joy from your weekend in the comments. I love hearing what you are thankful for.


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