Sharing thanks for celebrating art!

Liz with her art work at the East Meadow District Art Show
I love art and creative people. Everything we create was designed by an artist or an inventor who developed the skills to think outside of the box! Art lets us express our emotions and puts us in touch with our visual side! We need art teachers. Here is what I was thankful for today.
  1. Thanks to the art teachers who have helped hone my daughter's creative talent. Their kindness and patience is to be applauded. Thanks for feeding my daughter's creative spirit and soul!
  2. Thanks to my mom, who was an art and photography teacher. She fed my creative spirit and encouraged me to continue with my love of music. I love taking pictures for this blog. It helps me appreciate and capture a small moment of beauty.
  3. Thanks to my friend Stella! We had a lovely walk at Caumsett State Park and had fun walking by the scenic stables there.
  4. Thanks to twitter and NY Interns! My daughter Becky attended a screening of the new movie Interns coming out next week. She had a great time in Manhattan last night going to the screening. This organizations helps college students find internships in NYC!
I invite you to share something you are thankful for today. If you live in the Northeast, stay cool. It's a hot day today.


  1. I'm thankful for summer and amazing warm weather after winter and a long spring!

    1. It's nice to be warm and get ready to go to the beach! Thanks for sharing your gratitude!

  2. What an awesome blog! I am thankful for a wonderful family day @ Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio. I am a new fan from Linkin With My Ladies! Stop by my blog party and meet wonderful bloggers like yourselef. Have a fabulous weekend!

    The Wondering Brain


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