Sharing thanks for this short history of Mother's Day


Loved watching this cute short history of Mother's Day. Wishing everyone a a beautiful gratitude filled Mother's Day! Here is what I was thankful for today. To celebrate I invite you to share a piece of wisdom your mom has given you that you treasure! My mom taught me to "Say Yes!" to adventures and accepting invitations to do something new. Here is what I was thankful for today!
  1. Thanks to my sister-in-law Ginny who made reservations at Puglia on Hester St. in Little Italy to have an early mothers day celebration. We all enjoyed waving and singing the "Wave your napkin" song!
  2. Thanks to my good friend Segal who sent me a beautiful Thank you friendship card. It cheered me up. We all have rough patches in life and this card really brightened my day.
  3. Thanks to Mom for her unconditional love and all the wonderful things she has taught me to appreciate. Like creativity, nature, and playing cards! 
  4. I am thankful for a walk in the park. I was feeling sad yesterday so I tried to shake it off by taking a walk in the park. I was inspired when I walked by the tennis court and saw a doubles match being played by 4 men in wheel chairs. Their competitive spirit lifted mine. I saw kids riding bikes, couples having a picnic.
Happy Mother's Day!  I invite you to share a piece of your Mom's wisdom in the comments. I love reading all your great gratitudes!


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