Sharing thanks for Memorial Day, patriotism and the unofficial start to summer!

The perfect Memorial Day Ride to kick of the start of summer!
We had a very busy Memorial Day weekend! It was a true American weekend as we were in Philadelphia's historic district to celebrate my nephew's wedding! Just steps from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell!
So many moments to be thankful for!
  1. Congratulations to Nick and Jess who got married Saturday, May 25th. We enjoyed celebrating with the newlyweds, by dancing the night away at their wedding reception. The Downton Club reception had a beautiful view of the city of Philadelphia. I love couples who are madly in love. It was a wonderful family gathering. We also enjoyed making goofy pictures at the Photo Booth at the wedding. I was thankful to spend some time celebrating and dancing with my family. I love my family and now that my girls are young woman I treasure the time we all get to spend together!
  2. I was thankful to go the Magic Gardens on Sunday on South Street. The Magic Gardens is a huge art project which took the artist Isiah 14 years to complete. It like walking in a kaleidoscope! I enjoyed exploring the gardens with my brother-in-laws and my daughter Becky and my niece Kate. It was a beautiful breezy spring day and I love how the light reflected the sky in all the pieces of mirror in these amazing mosaics.
  3. Thanks to Cathy and Chris who hosted a delicious brunch at Nick's old townhouse, and treated us to dinner at a cool pizzeria on Sunday. I loved getting sun and drinking a mimosa on Nick's roof garden. I enjoyed being a more adventurous diner as I tried an olive oil ice cream! It tasted lemony.
  4. I was thankful for the patriotism I saw on Memorial Day. I am thankful for the courageous men and women in the armed services who have died protecting and preserving the freedom of our country. I saw a Memorial Dedication Foreign Legion Ceremony in Merrick. I got to sing our national anthem and God Bless America. I enjoyed seeing adorable kids decked out in their red, white, and blue outfits. I enjoy seeing all the young faces walking in our local Memorial Day Parade.
I invite you to share what you were thankful for Memorial Day Weekend! You can give thanks in the comments or by sending me an email at If you want to include any pictures of you in your red white and blue you can attach them to the email. Just give me permission to use the photos on my blog!


  1. Today, I am incredibly thankful for Twix. Over the weekend, I was thankful for the good times and great friends, that I can sit still in remembrance and reverence of our military heroes. Every day I am thankful for here and now :)

  2. I love Twix too!. Thanks for sharing your gratitudes. I'm thankful you visited and shared your appreciation for the here and now!

  3. I am thankful that my daughter is coming home from Europe in 3 weeks! She has been gone since August, and it will be nice to have her home :) I love that Corvette!

  4. My daughter is leaving for London to take a summer course abroad! Glad your daughter is coming home. Thanks for sharing your gratitude!


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