Sharing thanks for Hollywood Heartthrobs

Whitehouse Down Movie Trailer, I'm a big Channing Tatum fan!

One of the things I love about going to the movies is seeing my Hollywood Heartthrobs. I remember growing up and those first crushes. I was a big Robert Redford fan! For me it was not just about looks my favorite actors could also act. My favorite movies were "The Sting," "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" and the most romantic movie, "The Way We Were" Robert Redford will by Gatsby to me although I though Leonardo DiCaprio did Gatsby proud as well, "Old Sport!" I would love to hear about the Hollywood hunks that you were thankful for growing up. Here is what I was thankful for!
  1. Sharing thanks for seeing Channing Tatum stay alive in a movie! The last two films I saw Channing in, his characters died way to early. I was thankful to see him stay alive in Whitehouse Down!
  2. Sharing thanks for seeing Whitehouse Down with my daughter Liz and our good friend Bika! We all enjoyed this action film. It is wonderful to see great acting, and an anti-gun plot, ironic as the movie has a lot of fire power in it. Great performances by Channing Tatum, and Jamie Fox makes a believable president. We also enjoyed Emily Singer's performance as the daughter. Smart phones are changing the world daily! My favorite line, "Watch what your doing, Don't hit me in the head with that rocket."
  3. Sharing thanks for Henry Cavill who was a dashing Superman in Man of Steel, Tom Cruise (I grew up with him and Risky Business is an all time classic) in Oblivion, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, Chris Pine, who has the most dazzling blue eyes in Star Trek, Into the Darkness, and Mark Ruffalo in Now You See Me, although my daughter's loved Dave Franco (James Franco's brother).
  4. Sharing thanks for my good friend Bika who is a true hero in real life! Bika is an inspiring person, she was born with spina bifida and has never walked a day in her life. She went to the Henry Viscardi school where she got a good education and then graduated from Stonybrook University. She has a good job as a supervisor, is independent, drives, and is a kind and joyful person. She overcomes obstacles everyday with grace and humor. I am proud to have her as a friend!
I invite you to share thanks and look forward to hearing about your Hollywood heartthrobs. I love gratitude and I also have a passion for film, books, art, music, adventure, travel which all show up in my thanks! Although I would love to get free movie passes and go to premiers, I paid to see all of the movies mentioned because I love the movies!


  1. I am dying to see this movie, so I am so glad to read that it was good! Channing Tatum went to a whole different level for me after Magic Mike! ;)-Ashley


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