Sharing thanks for seaspray from a Speedboat!

My daughter Becky on a Seadog Speedboat ride in Chicago
I have been posting photos to help you stay cool! I recently had a wonderful time visiting Chicago with my 2 daughters! We loved our Seadog speedboat ride on Lake Michigan! I love this picture of Becky with her hair flying in the breeze! Here is what I was thankful for!
  1. I was thankful to take a road trip with my two daughters to Chicago! We had fun spending five days together. We lunched in western Pennsylvania and spent our first night near Cedar Creek Park on the Ohio shoreline! It was pouring buckets of rain, but we enjoyed a lake view at a nice restaurant by the lake.
  2. I was thankful to get tickets to a show at Second City. We enjoyed the improv comedy show. My daughter Liz had the thrill of being asked where she worked! She said she was unemployed! We had a good laugh, when we told her she could have said she is a college student! We heard a funny joke that we keep telling to remind us of the trip. What did the big tomato say to the little tomato as they were walking home. "Catch Up!"
  3. Thanks to the disabilities office, Liz's great adviser, and the orientation crew making her Columbia College registration easy. Thanks to Liz's new suite mate Emily who came into the city to meet Liz! We enjoyed a fun dinner with her and her mom! It is wonderful to make new friends.
  4. Thanks to the great city of Chicago! Becky and I  enjoyed going to Grant Park for the amazing Taste of Chicago. We had some delicious food, chicken sliders, dumplings, and we topped it off with a chocolate covered strawberry. We loved the Italian food at Leona's in Little Italy on Taylor St. We enjoyed taking the speedboat ride, which offered some fun party music and incredible views of Chicago. We enjoyed the Navy Pier and a cool fountain where you could get your hands and feet wet! We even met a nice lady who sang the cup song with Liz as she did the famous rhythm with a plastic cup a la "Pitch Perfect" style.
I was so lucky to be able to spend such quality time with my daughter's They are both young women and it was incredible to be traveling with them! I invite you to share a summer vacation your thankful for! I love hearing your stories!


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