Sharing thanks for walking the blue carpet to COOL!

The blue carpet at Jones Beach State Park, Parking Field 6

We are having a heat wave this week in New York. I am thankful for all the different ways I tried to stay cool today. Hope you are drinking lots of water, and using sunscreen! Here is what I was thankful for today!
  1. I took a morning walk at Jones Beach with my good friend Susan today. We walked the blue carpet down to the beach and cooled off walking next to the ocean. Love walking along the shore and getting my feet wet. Everyone is happy at the beach. It's fun to see kids jumping the waves and building sand forts and castles!
  2. I am thankful for my good friends the Gera's! It was fun meeting them for lunch today at On the Border and catching up with each other. We enjoyed watching our waiter make guacamole at our table! It was fresh and delicious. The air conditioning was blasting and I loved sipping my peach iced tea. 
  3. Thankful for some relaxing summer time! After lunch I spent some lazy couch time with my new guilty pleasure watching "Devious Housewives" on Lifetime! I missed Desperate Housewives when it went off the air. This new show by Mark Cherry is fun to watch, and who can resist seeing Susan Lucci in  a fun night time soap opera. I love watching shows on demand from cable tv!
  4. Stayed cool by taking a beach drive with Liz and watching a gorgeous sunset on the bay. The bay turned an amazing bright orange. I love the air conditioning in my Honda. Afterwards I got some fat-free ice cream from Carvel.
I invite you to share something you are thankful for to stay cool today! I love all the comments on my blog. Join in the fun and share something your thankful for today!


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