Sharing thanks for the dream of a world with no Bullies!

This is a wonderful video to raise awareness about bullying. The poem is inspiring. This is issue is close to my heart as my daughter has been a victim of cyberbullying and bullying in school. We need to become a kinder gentler society. I am thankful for Anderson Cooper for airing another great 360 piece on bullying. I pray that we can live in a society where:

  1. Differences are respected and tolerated.
  2. Kindness and deserved compliments flourish
  3. Education is focused on creativity and skill building for kids with all abilities.
  4. Families create living environments that are supportive where everyone thrives.
Please watch and share this video.


  1. beautiful last line in the video - life is a balancing act that has to do with beauty.......(inner beauty)

    it's up to us to wake up to it, bully and victim, alike.........not always the easiest of processes, but when we seems to make the painful journey worth the while.........

    your prayer is a beautiful one.......


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