Sharing thanks for reflections in the windy city's bean!

Liz making a wish for Spring weather in front of the reflective Chicago Bean!
I just got back from a wonderful short trip to Chicago. My daughter Liz was accepted into Columbia College Chicago so we went to tour the campus and this beautiful, friendly city! So many wonderful experiences to be thankful for, it will be hard to just write about four! Here goes:
  1. Sharing thanks for safe travels. Thanks to my Mom for giving us a ride to the airport on Thursday morning. Thanks to my husband Spencer who picked us up from the airport with a hug and a smile. Thanks to United Airlines for smooth on-time flights. Can I recommend more seating room? Very cramped seats even for small folk.
  2. Thanks to Columbia College Chicago for the wonderful program for accepted students. We enjoyed touring the amazing media arts facilities with state of the industry equipment. Enjoyed sampling a meal from the dining commons. Thanks for the trolley rides to get to the buildings on time. Loved the apartment suite dorm spaces we saw. We were excited to see the student artwork and hand crafted items on sale at the Columbia student store. What an amazing creative place. Thanks to Ms. Butts, from the disability services office who took the time to meet with Liz and go over services for the deaf available at Columbia.
  3. Thanks to the Marriott Residence Inn. We enjoyed the comfort of a suite. We loved the moderate dining suggestions given by the front desk. I loved the pool and hot-tub on the top floor. Sitting in the hot tub looking out over the beautiful Chicago skyline. Priceless! Thanks to the free breakfast buffet staff. It was nice to be greeted with a friendly smile. This staff member also pitched in and helped make delicious waffles for me.
  4. Thanks to the amazing people of Chicago. My daughter is still recovering from a foot injury so we saw some of the city from the Chicago cabs. We were the recipient of an act of kindness from a friendly cab driver who stopped the meter, and told me to put the extra money toward Liz's college. This cab driver also refused to take a tip at the end of the ride. Chicago is a very clean city! We enjoyed taking a double decker bus tour from . We loved the view of Lake Michigan from the top of the John Hancock building. We enjoyed the Navy Pier, and the UP Comedy club at Second City was hysterical. Loved seeing talented young actors doing Improv! We saw a lot of Chicago in a day.
Chicago was a great place to visit. It is amazing what a short vacation can do to energize you. I hope you will share a trip that you were thankful for taking. I love reading your stories of gratitude.


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