Sharing thanks for signs of Spring!

English Garden at the Hick's Flower Show

I went to see the Hick's Flower Show on Friday, while it was snowing. Seeing the beautiful displays put some Spring in my step. The theme of the flower show is Gardens of the World. Going to Hick's made me feel like I was in Tuscany, England, Ireland, Japan and Mexico! I will be posting pictures from the show the next few weeks on the blog. Here is what I am thankful for!
  1. Thankful for the Spring weather over the weekend. I enjoyed two beautiful days in Manhattan which I will tell you more about tomorrow! It was wonderful to be walking around in a light jacket.
  2. Thankful to see two purple crocuses in my front yard today full in bloom!
  3. Thankful that my daughter Becky is home for Spring break. Her bus was late so I picked her up at 1:45 am! We had fun staying up late talking about her college semester. It is nice to have her home!
  4. Thankful to spend the morning enjoying the vibrant colors and sweet fragrances at the Hick's flower show on Friday. I enjoyed taking pictures and focusing in on the beauty all around me. I love feeling like I was in Tuscany in Long Island. The show is open until March 17th. Go enjoy the color!. I bought some shamrock's to give to my mother-in-law for St. Patrick's day!
I invite you to share a sign of Spring that you are thankful for today!  I love hearing your gratitude stories.


  1. love the Hick's English Garden pic!!It is so postcard worthy!!
    thanks for sharing such a beautiful pic!
    Must go there someday!


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