Sharing thanks for inspiring art and artists at Fountain Art Fair

Word art by Daniel Patrick Helmstetter
I want these beautiful plates and sayings for my kitchen! I was lucky to grow up in a house where creativity was encouraged and appreciated. My mom is an artist, photographer and teacher! I am also fortunate to have good friends who thrive on creativity and love to go to art shows and museums. My friend Liz was fortunate to get passes for us to go to the Fountain Art Fair at the armory on Saturday. The Fountain Art Fair was founded in 2006 and showcases the talents of smaller independent galleries, collectives and artists so they can reach a wider audience of collectors and critics. What I loved about visiting the show was the opportunity to talk to some of the artists themselves. It is fascinating for me to hear about the process that goes into their works. I met an artist who paints on fire treated papers.I met an artist, Joshua Knoblick who creates sculpture from pictures of sounds of famous quotes. It is uplifting to meet people who are passionate about their work.
Drip Art by Peter Fox.
I love the soothing colors in this acrylic drip art work by Peter Fox! When you see the original work you can see the intricate paint mixing that is done to get this cool effect. Here is what I am thankful for.
  1. To my fun artistic friends Liz and Ellen. Thanks to Liz for getting us free VIP tickets to see the Fountain Art Fair. We enjoyed seeing all of the color, weird performance art, and finding art that resonated with us. I'm so lucky to have friends who share my passion for creativity.
  2. Thanks to my Mom, who taught me about art, by always having art supplies available and taking us to art museums and SoHo galleries. You have been a big influence in fueling my creative juices as a musician, writer and photographer.
  3. Thanks to the artist Daniel Patrick Helmstetter. We enjoyed his exhibit at the Fountain Art Fair the most. I love the messages on the plates he has created. He encourages us to be thankful for everything. Today's troubles, Yesterday's lesson and most important tomorrow's chances! Check out is website in the above link.
  4. I am thankful to live close to New York City. I love being able to visit the flatiron neighborhood with my good friends. NYC always gives me energy and adds color to my life in the suburbs.
I invite you to share an artist or piece of art that inspires you in the comments. I love hearing your gratitudes and stories. In fact I am going to be starting a new guest feature on Sharing Thanks. Each week. I will feature someone who wants to share their gratitudes. If you are interested in being a guest on Sharing Thanks please email me a bio, a picture of yourself or something you are grateful for and list 4 things you are thankful for. You can email me this at! Hope you will enjoy this new way to share thanks on the blog.


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