Sharing thanks for seeing the film "Quartet" on a double date!

My husband and I had a double date night with our good friends Liz and Tom.We all love seeing great films. We have been trying to see a film once a month together. One of our favorite theaters is the Cinema Arts Centre. They have wonderful films and The Sky Cafe is a great place to get a snack or some coffee before or after your movie! We saw Dustin Hoffman's directorial debut, "Quartet." If you love classical music, Verdi, and great acting you will absolutely love this movie. Being a violinist myself,  I love the message of the movie. When we perform at any age we forget our age completely.  My friend Liz also got me a perfect birthday gift!
I'd like to be famous for Gratitude blogging!
Table Topics the Happiness edition was the perfect birthday gift for me. After the movie she gave me this gift and we enjoyed so fun conversations answering the questions. I love good conversations and laughing together about exploring what makes us happy and gets us to think about our goals in life. If you go to Table Topics websites you can see they have a variety of boxes, a family box, a kid box, even a girls night out box!

Here is what I was thankful for over the weekend.

  1. Thankful to have a double date out to see Quartet with my husband and our good friends Liz and Tom. I loved the soundtrack of this film and am enjoying replaying some of the wonderful classical music and arias performed in the movie.
  2. Thankful for my Table Topics Happiness present. My friend Liz is so generous and it is wonderful to get such a beautiful fun thoughtful gift. I treasure our friendship. We know each other from middle school where we met in orchestra! We still get to play violin together with the South Shore Symphony! 
  3. Thanks for a light dusting of snow on Saturday night. Enough snow to make everything look beautiful for a few hours and then melt in the morning. Now that is my kind of snow!
  4. Thankful to have a movie matinee with my daughter Liz. We are so grateful to Regal Entertainment Group for providing high tech glasses that let my daughter enjoy seeing almost any movie at any time with captions. This weekend we enjoyed seeing, Jack the Giant Slayer. Fairy tales make such wonderful fantasy movies.
I invite you to share something you were thankful for over the weekend. I love sharing what you are thankful for in the blog and hearing your stories!


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