Sharing thanks for sitting dockside at the Nautical Mile!

Swans swam by as we listened to live music at a dock bar on the Nautical Mile
It's summer and that means time for small road trips with our good friends the Gera's! Taking a small road trip can make you feel like you have had a small vacation although you have only enjoyed a few hours in a novel place nearby. Long Island is also stronger than the storm Sandy! It is amazing to see the Nautical Mile in Freeport thriving. Some new restaurants include small beach bars with some sand, patio chairs and even palm trees. Love the dolphins statue and looking at the water. Here is what I was thankful for!
  1. Discovering new places with our friends. My daughter's friend Monesha has celiac disease so we were happy to discover Mr. Miceli's in Rockville Centre before we headed over to the Nautical Mile. The gluten free pasta was delicious!
  2. Thankful that Mo, Kavita, and Liz enjoyed playing a new mini-golf course right on the Nautical Mile! Who can resist a good game of miniature golf, the thrill of getting a hole in one!
  3. Thankful for the beautiful sunny day, along with the light cool breezes. Segal and I enjoyed a tropical cocktail at an outdoor bar where we got to see these beautiful swans swimming by. I was on Long Island and felt like I was in the tropics enjoying the dockside party atmosphere that the nautical mile is famous for. I'm also thankful for the friendship our families share together!
  4. Thankful to see a water taxi that offers short cruises. We want to come back another day and take a sunset cruise! 
I invite you to share an summer day adventure that you took that gave you a small vacation in just a few hours!


  1. What a nice day you had! Recently we took a walk on a hiking/biking trail in another town. I was so thankful to be with extended family, to walk alongside the creek, to see and smell the lovely wildflowers. It was a good day. :-)
    ~ Kathi

  2. Hi! Visiting from The Wondering Brain and following you via Bloglovin'. Love this concept of sharing thanks with another person! I am thankful for the means to do what we like on our days off, for a good meal and being with each other.


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