Sharing thanks for purple passion and "Written Love"


 "Written Love" written and directed by Liz Davidson!

Purple flower pot at Planting Fields!
I love the color purple! When I visited Planting Fields Arboretum recently I was drawn to this beautiful purple tye-dye bloom. I really enjoy taking pictures and zooming in on something that takes my breath away. Here is what I was thankful for!
  1. Thanks to my good friend Susan who took me out to lunch for my birthday! My birthday was in February and I enjoyed being treated this week and catching up with my friend. We had a lovely lunch at Nick's Pizza in Rockville Centre. Nick's Pizza has amazing home made pasta. Yum. I should have been Italian.
  2. Thanks to Jello!and twitter. I was playing the #FML twitter game, yes it stands for fun my life. I tweeted that my daughter was going to London and I wished that I could take her to Tuscany, Italy. My tweet won a fun package. I won a $20 gift card to and a voucher for a free package of Jello! I had fun dreaming that they were actually going to grant my wish and send me a $4,000 credit from Expedia. I guess I'll buy a book about Tuscany that my daughter and I can read together instead. It was fun to win something. The Jello fun package arrived today in the mail.
  3. I am thankful to 2 girls who saw that I left my car keys on an outdoor table at the Tangers Outlet in Deer Park. They found me in the movie theater lobby and said you left your keys! What a wonderful random act of kindness. I did not realize I had left them so they really saved me today.
  4. I am thankful that my daughter Liz is graduating High School. She brought home her cap and gown from the graduation rehearsal. I am so proud of her! I'm on a mission to help her short films reach 1000 views as a graduation present. PLEASE VIEW AND SHARE!  She got accepted to Columbia Chicago's fantastic film program.
I invite you to share something your thankful for. I love all the great comments that people have been leaving. I love reading about what your grateful for.


  1. I am thankful today for butterflies, our grandson learning to walk, and the guy at the tire repair store for fixing my flat.

    ~ Kathi

  2. Grateful for sleeping long and soundly this past couple of weeks. It must be the new yoga class I joined. It's kicking my butt in such a loving way!

  3. I am thankful to find Linda on Twitter :) And I am thankful for my family, good health, the awesome "Man of Steel" Superman postage stamps I received in the mail and last, but definitely not least, the almost incessant inspiration to create my paintings.

    And thank you Linda for inviting my comments here! =)

    Everyone can find me on Twitter:

  4. So many great things!
    Fantastic :)

  5. This is nice! Found your blog through Showing Some Love Hump Day and followed your blog!

  6. Thankful for a wonderful summer and being able to spend it with family and friends!



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