Sharing thanks for a mindful Monday!

Garden Angel at Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay
I hope everyone had a wonderful father's day! We enjoyed a quiet fathers day by making my husband a nice breakfast. My daughter enjoyed giving him a personalized t-shirt of a fun picture of the four of us that was recently taken at a photo booth at a wedding! We are trying to take more pictures of our family of four.
Here is what I am mindful and thankful for!
  1. I am thankful my daughter Becky arrived safely in London. Even though she is 21 and very grown up this was her first international trip flying solo. She even managed taking the Tube to get to her study abroad program at the University of Richmond in Kensington. I guess blogging runs in the family, as she started a blog to chronicle her London experience!
  2. I am thankful for reading these father daughter letters over the weekend. Enjoy this inspiring link: Letters from Dad I am thankful for my dad! He has always been there for me. He taught me the value of work and play! He has supported my education and been there to help me move into my first apartment and home. Love you DAD!!!
  3. I am thankful to be eating a little healthier. Had a vanilla yogurt with blueberries instead of a muffin. Fresh blueberries are delicious!
  4. I was thankful to help my daughter Liz make an audition tape. She works hard to memorize lines and is hopeful that her efforts will pay off for a callback and a real acting job! Good Luck Liz! I am proud of you for trying!
I invite you to share a small joy you are thankful for today! I love sharing gratitudes.


  1. I followed you on twitter the other day (@glfcstndepndnt)...Quite honesty because, you and your blog's "unique optimism" is a great reminder that we ALL DO have many, many things, no matter how innocuous they may seem to us, to be thankful for, each and very day...

    I am "Medically Retired/Disabled"...I go to bed each night thankful my daughters are "safe, healthy and prosperous", in that order...

    Then, each morning, I wake up thankful for another day with them...

    Thank you by the way, for this blog...I am a "news junky" and this blog is a great place to remind me to stay "grounded" and remain thankful...

  2. Thank you for your beautiful comment! Hope you will visit and share what your thankful for again. I find life more joyful by appreciating the little things. This practice also helps me cope with difficulties by remaining calm.

  3. Hi Linda. Gratitude is such a wonderful quality - I love that you are sharing your "thankfuls" each day. Today I am thankful for the variety of butterflies in my pasture, and that our grandson is learning to walk.
    ~ Kathi

  4. Hi Linda! I love your blog. I started my blog in March in search of positivity~ I have found that just looking for something wonderful in every day makes every day wonderful! Today I am thankful for a lovely start to the summer vacation with my kids! Happy to be following along! :)


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