Sharing thanks for a beautiful day

Long Island Sound view from Target Rock Preserve
I apologize for not being able to post for a few days. I had some wonderful moments to be thankful for amidst some chaos which I have found a way to tame. It is always important to take time to savor what is good and joyful everyday. Today was a beautiful day after the rainy skies cleared. Here are my thanks for today!
  1. I am thankful to enjoy getting some exercise outside today with my friend Sejal. We enjoyed a short shady walk at Eisenhower park today. When you are talking to a good friend while you are walking you forget you are even exercising!
  2. Thankful to sit down with my family for dinner tonight. We enjoyed some good rotisserie chicken, wild rice and a garden salad. We ended up sitting in different chairs around the table! Which changed up the conversation and gave the dinner a twist. Sometimes its fun to break your normal routine.
  3. I am grateful the Becky and Liz went to see a community theater show together! It was nice to see them do something fun together.
  4. I appreciated the sweet smell of honeysuckle when I took my dog Oreo on her walk around the block today. I love the fragrance of honeysuckle. I have also enjoyed the light fragrance of carnations that a neighbor planted. It's the little moments and simple joys that really can provide a small moment of happiness.
I invite you to share what you are grateful for on this beautiful day. The comments really make the blog!


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