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Corvette for Flag Day
Yesterday was flag day. I happened to be driving by my kids old elementary school as the latest kindergarten class was putting on the annual flag day performance. It brought back many memories of when my kids were waving flags, dressed in red white and blue, belting out, "It's a Grand Old Flag." Today I spotted this awesome corvette during my travels. So happy I was able to get a picture of this patriotic car. This may be the ultimate American Corvette! Here is what I was thankful for.
  1. I was thankful to see the Kindergarteners in front of my daughters' old elementary school. The parents and grandparents watching the show were all decked out in red, white and blue!
  2. Nice to see so many of our neighbors proudly displaying their flags.
  3. I was thankful to see this amazing flag corvette!
  4. So thankful to have a nice steak dinner with my 2 daughters. We had some wonderful conversations and it is nice to see them getting along and enjoying spending some time together. Kudos to my husband who ran in the Corporate Challenge in Central Park. He has been training and I am proud of him.
In honor of father's day please write something you are thankful for about your DAD in the comments. I will be reposting your wonderful comments on father's day.


  1. I'm thankful for knowing without a inkling of a doubt that my Daddy was there for me, whenever I needed him. He was my champion. He was my guide. He didn't just talk respect, he walked it. Never "yeah," always "yes sir, no sir - or mam" to his piers or elders. So, so respectful. And from the heart, too! Not put on. So, I learned from his example about respecting others - all others, no matter which age, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic background. All were to be respected, and I can remember him saying, "there's good in everyone." And I absolutely believe he was right. Only, no one was to harm an innocent, a woman or child, especially his own, without him probably coming down on them like a mountain lion. He was protective. Yeah.

    One great gift to my sister and me was his respect and regard for our mother. Coming from the old South, he'd frequently say things like, "A woman puts her life in danger to bear a child." To him, a mother was someone pretty special. He always expected nothing but respect by my sister and me for my mother, my grandmother, aunts - and he also set the example. In fact, it may sound strict by today's standards, but I think it very loving, he wouldn't allow us to refer to our mother as "she," or "her," only "Mama," which is what we called her. There is something honorable in that.

    I could list a thousand reasons why I love my Daddy. I really could. And I'm not saying he was perfect. He had his faults, and I had my issues with him. But one thing is for certain, he loved us. He LOVED us. And we KNEW it. We knew it. And that love is still with me. I carry it with me in my heart, in every cell, in every breath of my body.

    I love him, and, Linda, when I saw the beautiful stones spelling out, I Love You Dad, in the sand at the beach, in your photo, I couldn't help but wonder if someone was sending a postcard to their Dad on the other side, for him to look down upon, and smile.

    Some of us are truly blessed with this gift of having such a loving father. What a treasure. Truly.

  2. I am thankful for my Dad for several reasons. He had a lot of issues when we (6kids) were growng up. I guess he he a lot of growing up to do himself. He always could make us laugh(I guess thats why nobody could stay angry at him!)I have to give him credit for my sense of humor in even the darkest times. My Dad never needed a lot to be happy and never really worried. I am still working on the not worrying part. The best part of my Dad is what a wonderful grandfather he is to my son. My father is my sons "best friend" My Dad will spend hours with my son playing cards of watching crazy game shows. The best way to make me happy is to love my son and nobody does it beter than my Dad. I never thought I could count on him growing up and boy has he suprised me! I love you Daddy!


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