Sharing thanks for Dads!

Message to dad found at the end of the Target Rock Beach
I was able to hike the Target Rock Beach trail with friends a few weeks ago. When we arrived to the end of the trail, we found this amazing message left for a very special Dad. Seeing this love message made may day. What a wonderful simple idea to honor a dad. No greeting card could ever match the emotion of finding the loving message made of stones found on the beach. Since Fathers day is on Sunday I invite all my blog readers to share why they are thankful for their dads! I will feature these messages on Father's Day!
Here is what I was thankful for yesterday.

  1. I was thankful to Shannon who came over to help Liz prepare for her US History regents. Thanks for being a study buddy for Liz. Shannon is passionate about history and is also a very creative artistic and kind person!
  2. Thanks to my Mom and Day who gave my daughter Becky a ride home from work. 
  3. Thanks to my good friend Stella! We enjoyed having a cup of tea. Also thanks to Jeff for letting Liz use one his drum sets to practice. It was fun hearing them drum together. Jeff had a lot of patience with Liz who just started taking drum lessons.
  4. I was thankful to have a fun movie night with Liz. We saw Madagascar 3 and had a really good laugh. The script is amazingly funny. I recommend it as a great family film.
I invite you to share thanks about your dads! My dad is a great guy and has taught me so much. I'm going to honor him on my Father's Day blog. 


  1. beautiful photo of love for dad, "set in stone" on the ocean much love is that?! Thank you for sharing.


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