Sharing thanks for adding Spice!

Potted Herb Garden from Trader Joe's!
I love shopping at Trader Joe's! They always have some new healthy new items that I enjoy trying. I went in to the store to buy some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and came out with 2 bags of  groceries! I had a quiet reflective Presidents Day yesterday. Here is what I was thankful for!

  1. I enjoy reading the Huffington Post and was inspired by these quotes by some of our past presidents they posted yesterday! Huffington Post's : 12 Quotes to honor country's leaders.
  2. Thanks to Trader Joe's for adding spice to my life. Found this gourmet herbs potted herb garden. Enjoying the smell of lemon basil, sage, rosemary, marjaram, thyme, and lemon grass. Love cooking with fresh spices. They enhance the flavor of every dish. 
  3. I am thankful for my daughter's podiatrist who's office was open yesterday. He was able to see her yesterday to help ease the foot pain she is in.
  4. I was thankful to have a nice family visit with Grandma today. It was nice to see her smile and get to share a nice lunch with her.
I invite you to share something you are thankful for on my blog. Today on twitter #mentionsomeoneyourethankfulfor was trending. Nice to see twitter tweeting waves of gratitude. Very heartwarming!


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