Sharing thanks for MAKERS! and teatime.

The magic of tea time!

 I heard about MAKERS a documentary that aired on PBS earlier this week! I was so thankful to see a documentary focused on strong courageous women to have changed the world. I am grateful my daughters are growing up in a world where they can dream about doing or being anything thanks to the efforts of these brave women! If you missed the documentary you can go the link above and watch the documentary on your your computer. They also have a blog and an archive of amazing women telling their personal stories.Yesterday was a cold rainy dreary day on Long Island. I love a good hot cup of English Breakfast tea to warm me up. I loved this beautiful tea set and thought I would share it with you. Here is what I was thankful for yesterday!
  1. I'm so happy for my daughter Becky. She was accepted to a study abroad program in London for the summer. She so excited to study in England. I hope she learns a lot, and gets an opportunity to travel in Europe while she is there. I also hope she has the pleasure of an English teatime!
  2. I loved watching Part 1 of the documentary Makers on my computer. Watch it! It will inspire you.
  3. Thankful to have a hot cup of English Breakfast tea. Love drinking tea out of a china cup. It just tastes better and there is something to be said for sitting down and just sipping and savoring a cup of tea.
  4. I am thankful for my good friends Margaret and Stella who have planned a girls night out in honor of my birthday this week. My friendships mean the world to me!
I invite you share a simple joy that you are thankful for in the comments! I love hearing your stories of gratitude!


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