Sharing thanks for reconnecting with college friends at the Met!!

Spring tulips

It's a dreary rainy day on Long Island that is washing away the snow. These beautiful spring tulips brightened my day. I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of college friends. Sometimes it takes someone visiting from out-of-town to bring our group together! Yesterday we met in NYC and enjoyed seeing the Matisse Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here is what am thankful for!
  1. Thanks to Lynn and Chris for visiting New York from Bermuda! It was wonderful to see you and Amanda. You give us a reason to get together in NYC and do something fun. It was inspiring to see the Matisse exhibit with the famous blue dress.
  2. Thanks to the wonderful spaces at the Metropolitan museum of art. I love the spacious American Wing Cafe where you can feast your eyes on Tiffany windows and then look at the winter wonderland of Central Park. There is a small sledding hill next to the museum. It was fun watching the kids enjoy sledding down the hill. We even saw a small dog who was enjoying a sled ride with a cute little boy. 
  3. I am so thankful for my college girlfriends. We always have such a great time laughing, and enjoying life's adventures together.
  4. Thanks to Lynn for the beautiful birthday mug. Your gifts always make me feel special. Thanks to Ellen for treating me to a Metropolitan Museum Art membership. I love this museum. Everytime I go I see a new part of the museum. I feel like I have gone to Egypt, France and many exotic places by just going to the museum.
UMass reunion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

I invite you to share something you are thankful for. I love reading about all the simple joys.


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