Sharing thanks for seeing and sharing Zach Sobiech's song "Clouds"

This video is very touching. It has a simple message be grateful and find joy in each day. Zach is dying of cancer and has chosen to live the time he has left to share his music. "Clouds" is a beautiful song and legacy. I am grateful to hear his beautiful music and share a message of hope. He has courage and lives each day with joy instead of focusing on his pain.  Please share!


  1. very pretty song, Linda. It takes cancer, or a near-death experience sometimes to wake us up to the beauty of life right before our eyes that we tend to overlook way too much - because there's always something else to do, something that we have to get busy with....That is why I see cancer or any other serious illness, or accident, or a GIFT. I had it - and I do say, it was one of my greatest gifts. It woke me up to living in JOY. That is why i like Zach's beautiful message - and he is an inspiration to many, no doubt, through his courage <3

  2. I am glad you were inspired by his courage. Thank you for sharing your personal story. You have such a wonderful attitude about the difficulties in life. None of us know how much time we have so we need to live joyfully. Life is a precious gift!


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